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How Advanced Software Integrates into Existing Building Automation Systems?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Turning Buildings Smart with a Touch of AI

Ever noticed how everything around us is getting smarter? From phones to cars, the magic behind it is technology. Now, let’s talk buildings. If you’re someone who ensures things tick the right way in a building, you’d know the importance of a Building Automation System (BAS). It’s that cool tech keeping our lights, HVAC, and security systems in check. But what if we told you there’s a way to make it even better?

You see, we’ve watched over the years how HVAC systems evolved – from single controllers to a fancy web of smart, interconnected ones. Yet, they missed something – the edge of advanced computer tech like Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. Imagine having a building that learns and adjusts on its own! Well, that’s what we at Intellisy aim for.

Bringing the Future to Your Building

Think of how Tesla cars operate. They’ve got their sensors, but they also talk to a central system that feeds them info like weather updates or road conditions. Similarly, our vision with Intellisy’s “Green Node” is to have an HVAC-focused server in the cloud. Just like how countries have their own space stations, we visualize each nation having its dedicated Green Node. We’ve already got one humming away in Toronto, Ontario. And guess what? By 2023, we could have these nodes globally!

The Magic Behind Green Node

What makes Green Node special? It’s crafted with the best of tech, ensuring you’re always ahead. Once connected to it, our software builds a virtual model of your building and starts gathering data. Within months, the true magic unfolds. You start seeing patterns, get insights, and can make those smart decisions. And hey, it’s hassle-free. Whether you’re connected online or not, we’ve got ways to bring your building into the smart age.

We’re Here to Make a Difference

We dreamt of something that’s affordable, top-notch, and fits all – whether you have a cozy office or a skyscraper. We teamed up with some amazing software folks to bring you Intellisy. It’s not just another software; it’s a vision to make every building smarter and greener.

Interested in knowing more? Dive deeper into what Intellisy offers. Or perhaps, you have some questions? We’ve got answers!



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