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At Intellisy, we believe that our cutting-edge software stack and services are designed to empower a wide range of professionals and organizations. Whether you're a Facility Manager looking to optimize building performance, a Mechanical Service Provider seeking efficient solutions, a BMS Integrator in search of advanced tools, or an Energy Manager and Analyst striving for energy efficiency, our comprehensive offerings are tailored to meet your specific needs. We are committed to delivering innovative technology and support that enhance your operations and enable you to achieve your goals effectively. Explore how Intellisy can transform your role and elevate your outcomes in the world of building management.


Facility Managers/
Building Owners

Imagine having a virtual site superintendent, ensuring sustainable and efficient building operations. Intellisy's software provides 24/7 monitoring and optimization of HVAC and mechanical systems, reducing operational expenses.

We support capital-intensive projects and offer post-project evaluation. Our user-friendly dashboards and reports provide deep insights without the need for extensive training. Intellisy simplifies complex controls, empowering you to make informed decisions for peak building performance.

Energy Manager/ Analyst

Unlock simplified energy management with Intellisy's real-time AI-powered insights.

Effortlessly measure and monitor the success of your energy-efficient projects throughout their life-cycle.

Customizable dashboards and reports bridge the gap between energy usage and equipment performance, enhancing your efficiency.

Get started in just a day or two with minimal training and no extra overhead.


Mechanical Service Provider

Introduce AI for HVAC to your clients, offering predictive maintenance, continuous commissioning, real-time optimization, and life-cycle management.

Stay competitive, support sustainability goals, and boost technician performance with our technology.

Secure your contracts and customers by staying ahead in the AI technology landscape.

Our cost-effective solution enhances market success, generates perpetual revenue, and requires minimal training.

Use Intellisy as a game-changing verification tool for capital projects, simplifying value tracking and client presentations.

Customizable dashboards and reports enhance your brand and attract new customers efficiently.

BMS Integrators

Ensure your competitive advantage remains unmatched in the AI technology landscape. Don't let others steal your projects or customers.

Our cloud-hosted AI technology simplifies project commissioning and monitoring, making it more accessible than ever.

Equip your technicians with top-tier technology to boost their performance, enhancing productivity.

With AFDD (Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnosis) and MAV (Measurement and Verification), ensure your network operates seamlessly as per the desired sequence of operations.

Our low-cost solution improves market success and generates perpetual revenue without hiring additional talent, all on an easy-to-use platform.

Customizable dashboards and reports build your brand and attract new customers effectively.


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