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Introducing The Team Intellisy for Future of Building Automation Systems with Big Data

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

The Journey of a Visionary Idea

Back in 2019, amidst skyscrapers and cityscapes, we saw a glaring problem. Buildings, huge and small, were wasting energy at a staggering rate. To put it in perspective, buildings account for nearly 28% of global CO2 emissions every year!1

Big Data: The Game Changer

The more we looked, the clearer it became big data could be the game-changer in making buildings smarter and more efficient.

Introducing Intellisy

Embracing the entrepreneur within, I embarked on a mission with my team. We dreamt of a world where buildings and technology spoke the same language. That dream led to the birth of Intellisy – were big data drives eco-friendly buildings.

Understanding Building Health

Imagine your phone starting to slow down after a few months of usage. You’d want to know what’s up, right? We envisioned the same for buildings and their heating and cooling systems, leveraging big data for insight.

Pioneering the Big Data Revolution in Buildings

For many building managers, AI and big data sound futuristic. But with Intellisy, it becomes reality. We demystify tech with engaging visuals and intuitive designs, making big data insights accessible.

Be the Change in the Green Building Movement

– Overseeing a building or many?

– Want to harness big data’s potential?

– Eager to lead the green building revolution?

Our AI-powered software provides deep insights into energy consumption. No tech degree? No problem. Our user-friendly dashboard guides you, helping you save money and promote a greener planet.

Dive in, let your entrepreneurial spirit shine, and help shape the future of eco-friendly constructions.

Discover More

Intrigued? Our E-Book delves deeper into the marvels of our solution.



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