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Data-Driven Tech Accelerates ESG, How Buildings Can Harness Tech in the Fight for Sustainability?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Making Our Planet Greener, One Building at a Time

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are steering modern businesses in a greener direction. Smart building tech enhances these principles by aiming for net-zero energy use by 2050, in sync with major global environmental acts. The kicker? Buildings currently contribute to 40% of greenhouse emissions!

Thanks to tech, we now have tools that allow property managers to monitor energy performances across properties. This isn’t just about the future—it’s changing how we build and maintain structures today. Here’s how:

  • Data-Driven Building Designs: AI and data help create efficient and sustainable building projects.

  • Low-Cost, Smart Sensors: Simple software solutions boost HVAC systems’ performance, leading to savings in both energy and costs.

  • Eliminate Energy Waste: Advanced analytics pinpoint energy wastage. Plus, modern tools detect and prioritize system faults.

  • Smart Maintenance Choices: Dynamic and Predictive maintenance, backed by data, trumps traditional Scheduled Preventive Maintenance.

  • Informed Decisions: Cloud-based AI and interoperable systems lead to smarter purchasing and operational choices, benefiting both Cap-Ex and Op-Ex.

  • Quality Air, always: Continuous monitoring means better air quality for everyone in the building.

Embracing technology is crucial for our journey towards a net-zero future. With Intellisy’s big data-powered analytics suite, businesses can navigate this journey with confidence. Not only can we measure the success of future projects, but our platform also leverages AI to enhance portfolio management.



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