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INTELLISY AI  Powered Building Management Software

Get More From Your Real Estate With AI-Powered Building Management Software. Intellisy is changing the property management game with its intuitive and intelligent technology. Our software will help you save time, reduce costs, and make a real difference in the world!

There’s A Better Way To Manage Your Property.


iNTELLYTICS = Power of Data ++ Awesome Team

"With Intellytics, we deliver tangible results"  

We specialize in creating universal compatibility solutions for building automation IoT devices. Starting with key protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, Ecobee, Nest, and other major standards, our goal is to seamlessly integrate diverse systems, ensuring efficient and unified control for all types of building automation technologies

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Why Choose Intellisy?

01. We Do It All For You With Real-Time Data Insights

Our expert team, equipped with a robust platform, takes care of everything in building automation — from initial setup to continuous optimization. We handle the complexities, providing you with effortless control and real-time data insights, ensuring you can focus on what matters most without worrying about the technical details.

02. Cost-Effective Solutions

Our approach to pricing is straightforward and customer-friendly. Our software, offered as a free-to-install solution, is designed to significantly lower your operating costs, effectively paying for itself. We proudly refer to this as a 'zero capital expenditure solution,' emphasizing affordability and value for our clients.

03. Intelligent Building Management

Intellisy revolutionizes property management with its suite of intelligent building management tools. Our software simplifies the complexities of property management like never before. Equipped with advanced capabilities from predictive maintenance to energy optimization, Intellisy offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for modern building management needs


See Intellisy In Action

Unlock the full potential of your property management with Intellisy. Schedule a demo today and witness the transformation firsthand. Our intuitive software, loaded with cutting-edge features, is designed to streamline your operations efficiently. Don't miss the opportunity to save time, reduce costs, and elevate your property management experience. Take the first step towards a smarter way of managing properties – book your Intellisy demo now!


About Us!

Our Story

At Intellisy, our core lies in the fusion of cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial spirit to address real-world challenges. Boasting years of expertise in the property management sector, our team is not just seasoned; we are innovators and visionaries. We channel our passion for technological advancements into creating solutions that redefine ease and efficiency in property management. Our journey is more than just professional—it's a commitment to revolutionize the industry with smart, intuitive solutions.


Our vision at Intellisy is to be the catalyst for transformative change in the property management industry through our groundbreaking software solutions. We are committed to harnessing the power of AI-driven technology to redefine the landscape of property management. Our aim is to empower property managers with tools that not only save time and cut costs but also contribute positively to the world. We envision a future where our innovations set new standards for efficiency, sustainability, and impact in the property management sector.


Our software, driven by AI and machine learning, offers real-time data insights and smart building management. Partnering with leading technology providers, we ensure our solutions are strong and proven. Constantly innovating, we strive to enhance our software for the optimal customer experience, leveraging our technological edge in property management. Explore the future of property management with us — reach out today to see how our solutions can transform your business.


Strategic Industry Partnerships 

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